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timbap - Change Log

timbap - 0.5.2-beta
- 0000105: [Usability] Provide a run-time calibration tool for projection-related config values like rotation (andhi_pabst)
- 0000103: [Connectability] Standalone application for artwork retrieval (andhi_pabst)
- 0000102: [Stability] Introduce cueing mode that ignores little timecode changes (andhi_pabst)

timbap - 0.5.1-beta

some important bug fixes

- 0000057: [Usability] Not possible to cancel the return to browsing mode by moving the record (andhi_pabst)
- 0000084: [Usability] Provide a script to create repository entries for non-hosted dependencies (andhi_pabst)
- 0000082: [Usability] Add launch4j config to maven build (andhi_pabst)
- 0000080: [Stability] Configure logging to use a log file with rollover (andhi_pabst)
- 0000077: [Connectability] URL Encoding in M3Us generated from iTunes not handled (andhi_pabst)
- 0000078: [Connectability] Leading slash is cut away with file URI prefix in M3Us generated from iTunes on OSX (andhi_pabst)
- 0000079: [Connectability] iTunes library parsing should resolve against local copy of DTD (andhi_pabst)
- 0000076: [Connectability] MP3 Files with non-ASCII characters in the file name can not be played (andhi_pabst)
- 0000075: [Stability] Original compressed byte data of textures should be stored in memory (andhi_pabst)
- 0000071: [Connectability] Non-quadratic artwork can not be masked to ellipsoid form (andhi_pabst)

timbap - 0.5.0-beta

Re-implementation of the timbap core using Java and Processing

- 0000061: [Connectability] Provide iTunes integration (andhi_pabst)
- 0000074: [Usability] Add clickable arrow symbols for positioning cloud switching beneath the cloud (andhi_pabst)
- 0000073: [Usability] Adjust documentation (andhi_pabst)
- 0000072: [Stability] Automatically increase OSC ports if already in use (andhi_pabst)
- 0000070: [Stability] Sorting of color cloud does not match with the sorting of the playlist (andhi_pabst)
- 0000069: [Usability] Highlight the currently active item in the positioning clouds somehow (andhi_pabst)
- 0000068: [Usability] Switching positioning cloud at runtime is not possible (andhi_pabst)
- 0000066: [Usability] Change of window size does not affect playback item display size (andhi_pabst)
- 0000065: [Usability] Moving of playlist selection popup leads to another config parsing (andhi_pabst)
- 0000064: [Connectability] Enhance the timbap audio simulator with basic mp3 playback (andhi_pabst)
- 0000063: [Connectability] Add the possibility to select a playlist on start-up (andhi_pabst)
- 0000048: [Stability] Trigger a reload of affected items when needle is reset (andhi_pabst)
- 0000060: [Connectability] Provide an automatic artwork retrieval method (andhi_pabst)
- 0000059: [Usability] Sort playlist according to a comparator given by the currently active PosCloudPlugin (andhi_pabst)
- 0000056: [Stability] Exported JAR does not work with OpenGL graphics (andhi_pabst)
- 0000055: [Stability] Display of selecting and deselecting is somehow broken (andhi_pabst)
- 0000053: [Usability] Add fractionPlayed overlay (andhi_pabst)
- 0000052: [Usability] Add a tag cloud of artist name initials for positioning (andhi_pabst)
- 0000051: [Connectability] Add a way to simulate needle resets with the timbap audio simulator (andhi_pabst)
- 0000050: [Usability] Add return hint to rotating record display (andhi_pabst)
- 0000049: [Stability] Use a configurable cache for textures to lower the memory footprint (andhi_pabst)

timbap - 0.2-beta

version that is used for the first beta testing
due: 2008-01-14

- 0000044: [Usability] Reposition the rotating items of the name initial cues correctly (andhi_pabst)
- 0000042: [Connectability] Automatic Artwork Retriever needs a better controllability and logging (andhi_pabst)
- 0000045: [Stability] VST plugin is not initialized correctly (andhi_pabst)
- 0000030: [Usability] Provide a "Getting Started" documentation (andhi_pabst)
- 0000029: [Usability] Provide detailed installation documentation and if possible an installer (andhi_pabst)
- 0000035: [Usability] Write documentation for VST Host setup (andhi_pabst)
- 0000028: [Usability] Add a warning/error area to main timbap_gui patch (andhi_pabst)
- 0000036: [Usability] Enhance VST plugin with parameters for all necessary settings (andhi_pabst)
- 0000040: [Stability] Prepare patches for multi-turntable setup (andhi_pabst)
- 0000041: [Usability] Find a way to suppress the popping up of Text (EX9) windows on startup (andhi_pabst)
- 0000033: [Usability] Reorganize directory structure (andhi_pabst)
- 0000038: [Usability] Browsing visualization is unstable, might depend on number of record items (andhi_pabst)
- 0000039: [Usability] Duration of shrinking mode varies greatly (andhi_pabst)
- 0000034: [Usability] Add a cue of song name initials and include it in the switching (andhi_pabst)
- 0000037: [Usability] Implement a mechanism to simulate the timecode using keyboard control (andhi_pabst)
- 0000031: [Usability] Shrink mode switching segment to +/- 10 degrees (andhi_pabst)
- 0000032: [Stability] Stabilize scratching gesture detection and include an on/off-switch (andhi_pabst)
- 0000027: [Stability] Re-implement audio component as a VST plugin (andhi_pabst)

timbap - 0.1-beta

system to be presented at the IE07 conference
due: 2007-09-24

- 0000021: [Stability] Detect missing or invalid artwork data and replace with standard timbap artwork (andhi_pabst)
- 0000024: [Usability] Make cue type (color, artist, ...) switchable by a specific scratching gesture (andhi_pabst)
- 0000025: [Usability] Provide a means to sort the collection by predominant color of the respective artwork (andhi_pabst)
- 0000026: [Usability] Provide a positioning cue that shows the predominant color of the artwork of all the items (andhi_pabst)

timbap - 0.0.5-alpha

system to be handed out for some alpha testing
due: 2007-09-01

- 0000005: [Connectability] Use correct character set for iTunes library file (andhi_pabst)
- 0000012: [Usability] Initialize max patch with absolute mode and clean it up (andhi_pabst)
- 0000013: [Stability] The played song may differ from the one selected (andhi_pabst)
- 0000015: [Stability] Skipping out of playback directly after selection and also during playback (andhi_pabst)
- 0000016: [Usability] Tag cloud display not working (andhi_pabst)
- 0000018: [Stability] Cueing is not possible as the display slowly rotates forward when turntable is halted (andhi_pabst)
- 0000019: [Usability] Automatic image retrieval from iTunes or the web (andhi_pabst)

timbap - 0.0.4-alpha

first fully realized absolute timecode system
due: 2007-08-05

- 0000002: [Usability] Use ideal positioning scale when the needle is reset (andhi_pabst)
- 0000004: [Stability] Resolve performance bottleneck in record info rendering (andhi_pabst)
- 0000006: [Usability] Add a display group for names with a non-alphabetic initial character (andhi_pabst)
- 0000007: [Usability] Make number of artist names rotating around their initial configurable (andhi_pabst)
- 0000008: [Usability] Integrate a user-friendly config patch for customization and control (andhi_pabst)
- 0000009: [Stability] Review all input fields and remove initial values (andhi_pabst)
- 0000011: [Connectability] Integrate and document iTunes playlist retrieval (andhi_pabst)

audiosimulator - Change Log

visualizer api - Change Log

visualizer api - 0.5.2-beta
- 0000096: [Stability] Migrate to Processing version 1.0.1 (andhi_pabst)

visualizer api - 0.5.1-beta
- 0000081: [Usability] Add javadoc to timbap api classes (andhi_pabst)

visualizer core - Change Log

visualizer core - 0.5.2-beta
- 0000093: [Usability] Allow for playlist selection using the turntable interface (andhi_pabst)
- 0000095: [Usability] On receiving a turntable off signal, go back to playlist selection (andhi_pabst)
- 0000092: [Connectability] play command is sent again when user cancels switch to browsing mode (andhi_pabst)
- 0000089: [Connectability] loadfile message is sent twice on return to browsing mode (andhi_pabst)
- 0000090: [Stability] Keyboard input during startup leads to exception (andhi_pabst)
- 0000086: [Usability] Second visualizer instance grabs same ports if initialization of the first is not yet finished (andhi_pabst)
- 0000088: [Stability] gluegen-rt library missing on linux systems (andhi_pabst)

visualizer coreplugins - Change Log

visualizer coreplugins - 0.5.1-beta
- 0000085: [Usability] Cache artwork color map entries (andhi_pabst)

vst-plugin - Change Log

vst-plugin - 0.5.2-beta
- 0000094: [Usability] Signal to visualizer when turntable is switched off (andhi_pabst)

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