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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0000056 Stabilityblockresolved (andhi_pabst)06-01-08Exported JAR does not work with OpenGL graphics
  0000055 Stabilitymajorresolved (andhi_pabst)06-01-08Display of selecting and deselecting is somehow broken
  00000541Stabilitymajorresolved (andhi_pabst)06-01-08Send OSC values as one packet
   0000053 Usabilityfeatureresolved (andhi_pabst)06-01-08Add fractionPlayed overlay
   00000521Usabilityfeatureresolved (andhi_pabst)06-01-08Add a tag cloud of artist name initials for positioning
  0000051 Connectabilityfeatureresolved (andhi_pabst)06-01-08Add a way to simulate needle resets with the timbap audio simulator
   00000501Usabilityminorresolved (andhi_pabst)06-01-08Add return hint to rotating record display
  00000491Stabilitymajorresolved (andhi_pabst)06-01-08Use a configurable cache for textures to lower the memory footprint
  00000481Stabilitymajorresolved (andhi_pabst)06-01-08Trigger a reload of affected items when needle is reset
   00000471Stabilityminorresolved (andhi_pabst)06-01-08Scratch gesture detection works only with a high frame rate
   00000431Stabilitycrashresolved (andhi_pabst)06-01-08Sudden restart now and then
  0000020 minorresolved (andhi_pabst)06-01-08Organize a usability testing event
   00000462Stabilityblockresolved (andhi_pabst)03-30-08Audio playback not working
  0000044 Usabilitytweakresolved (andhi_pabst)01-23-08Reposition the rotating items of the name initial cues correctly
  00000421Connectabilitymajorresolved (andhi_pabst)01-23-08Automatic Artwork Retriever needs a better controllability and logging
  0000045 Stabilitymajorresolved (andhi_pabst)01-22-08VST plugin is not initialized correctly
   0000030 Usabilityblockresolved (andhi_pabst)01-21-08Provide a "Getting Started" documentation
   00000291Usabilityblockresolved (andhi_pabst)01-18-08Provide detailed installation documentation and if possible an installer
  00000351Usabilityminorresolved (andhi_pabst)01-18-08Write documentation for VST Host setup
  0000022 Stabilityminorassigned (andhi_pabst)01-16-08The image scrolling stutters perceptibly when new textures are loaded
   00000031majorresolved (andhi_pabst)01-14-08Have white mspinky vinyl pressed
   0000028 Usabilitymajorresolved (andhi_pabst)01-14-08Add a warning/error area to main timbap_gui patch
  0000036 Usabilitymajorresolved (andhi_pabst)01-14-08Enhance VST plugin with parameters for all necessary settings
  0000040 Stabilityblockresolved (andhi_pabst)01-14-08Prepare patches for multi-turntable setup
  0000041 Usabilityminorresolved (andhi_pabst)01-14-08Find a way to suppress the popping up of Text (EX9) windows on startup
  0000033 Usabilityminorresolved (andhi_pabst)01-10-08Reorganize directory structure
  00000381Usabilitymajorresolved (andhi_pabst)01-10-08Browsing visualization is unstable, might depend on number of record items
  00000391Usabilitymajorresolved (andhi_pabst)01-10-08Duration of shrinking mode varies greatly
  0000034 Usabilitymajorresolved (andhi_pabst)01-07-08Add a cue of song name initials and include it in the switching
  0000037 Usabilitymajorresolved (andhi_pabst)01-07-08Implement a mechanism to simulate the timecode using keyboard control
   0000031 Usabilitytrivialresolved (andhi_pabst)01-07-08Shrink mode switching segment to +/- 10 degrees
   00000321Stabilitymajorresolved (andhi_pabst)01-07-08Stabilize scratching gesture detection and include an on/off-switch
  00000271Stabilitymajorresolved (andhi_pabst)01-07-08Re-implement audio component as a VST plugin
  0000023 featureresolved (andhi_pabst)09-09-07Personalize and promote the myspace profile
   0000010 Stabilityminorassigned (andhi_pabst)09-01-07Implement logic to detect and override a jumping absolute timecode
  0000001 majorresolved (andhi_pabst)09-01-07Propose a performance at the spiel-trieb event on August 16th
  00000171featureresolved (andhi_pabst)09-01-07Implement a timbap web site using joomla
   00000141Stabilityblockresolved (andhi_pabst)08-12-07MP3 and WAV playback not working
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